The White Lotus Spa at Club Emerald is a Splendid Day Spa to unwind and destress your mind and body.

The Sanskrit meaning of Lotus is defining Eternity and Peace. The White color in the Lotus represents Purity and Devotion. The sense of Purity of the flower growing in mud and pushing up the water to bloom is similar to the treatment offered at the Spa. Each petal in Lotus symbolizes the different levels of existence i.e. Purity, Mysticism, Spiritualism, Self -Awareness, Love and Compassion. This in turn assists in the rejuvenation of one’s Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual.

The White Lotus Spa is located at Level 2, away from the other Sports areas of the Club. The Interiors have been designed keeping in mind the Tranquility and Simplicity needed to destress one’s mind and body.

The Spa has been designed keeping in mind the following elements:

  • Space – Spread out over an area of
  • Air – Soothing Aromas
  • Earth – The Earthly tones of Flooring
  • Fire – The Aromatic burners in all rooms

The White Lotus Spa has 5 multi therapy rooms of which one is a combined luxury couple suite.  All rooms have attached Shower facilities. The Products used at the Spa Are Organic in nature and safe. They include brands such as


Our therapists are the most important element of the treatment. They are well and certified. They are personally trained and hold vast experience in offering treatment to the Guests. They also undergo refresher courses at regular intervals to upgrade their skills and knowledge.

The Salon:

Along with the Spa, Club Emerald offers treatment

The Spa and the Salon under one roof are a one stop shop for Guests wanting to unwind and destress.

Timings: 11:00 am – 8:00 pm
Location: Level Two